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Fund facts at a glance:
• Long-term capital appreciation with low volatility through the implementation of a multi-manager and multi-strategy approach
• Three-staged investment process through diversification and asset allocation combined with a dynamic risk overlay
• Three-dimensional diversification across 1) asset classes regions and currencies 2) investment styles and 3) risk premiums
• Disciplined risk management limits losses actively
• Best-in-class selection of low-correlated investments to stabilize the portfolio even in difficult market phases to generate attractive long-term returns

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The investment objective of the „MYRA Solidus Global Fund“ is long-term capital appreciation through implementation of a mutli-manager, multi-strategy approach combined with an integrated risk-management policy. With its international orientation the fund aims to generate in the long run a preferably steady and stable capital appreciation and to significantly minimize the volatility and drawdown risk as a basis investment.
The investment strategy implements a three-staged process through the diversification and asset allocation, and then supplemented with a risk-overlay model. By use of the three-dimensional diversification across
(1) asset classes, regions, currencies,
(2) investment styles and
(3) risk premiums

it tries to achieve a stable long-term performance.
The diversification between the various asset allocation components is dynamically managed depending on market conditions and can also be completely dismantled temporarily.
By selecting low-correlated investments and the mixture of various investment styles, the portfolio shall be stabilized even in difficult market phases, thus earning attractive returns in the long-term. This is ensured by the disciplined risk management, which actively limits losses.
With the additional diversification across risk factors / premiums, scientifically confirmed market anomalies get exploited by the use of investments into efficient vehicles such as ETF‘s.

Fund name MYRA Solidus Global Fund Inception date 01.04.2014
ISIN | WKN LU1016072081 | HAFX60 Corporate year 01.01. – 31.12.
Investment company Universal-Investment- Use of income Distribution
Luxembourg S.A. Fund type Mixed Asset EUR cautious
Custodian Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG Fund currency EUR
Luxembourg Management fee Max. 1.75% p.a.
Public distribution LUX, D, AT Advisor fee 0.10% p.a.
Fund initiator/sub advisor MYRA Capital GmbH Custodian fee 0.10% p.a.
Distribution Germany MYRA Capital (Deutschland) GmbH Load Max. 5.00%
as vgV der BN & Partners Capital AG Legal form Sondervermögen (UCITS IV)
Advisor BN & Partners Capital AG

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