The innovative risk-controlled US equity ETF


Fund facts at a glance:
• Risk-controlled, forecast-free and rule-based US equity ETF
• Dynamic allocation and risk management within US equities and US treasuries
• Flexible allocation strategy systematically reduces risks and drawdowns
• Disciplined investment process: Counter-cyclical investing by consequent rebalancing
• Long-term risk/return-target: Similar return to US equities with significantly reduced volatility
• Multi award-winning investment advisor
• Optimized indexing («smart beta»)


Source: MYRA Capital doesn’t guarantee the correctness of the data. Please consider that past performance is no guarantee for future performance.

Investment decisions of the dynamic fund model are strictly quantitative, rule-based, forecast-free, transparent and traceable. On a monthly basis the manager shifts the allocation among US equities (500 largest US equities – equally weighted) and US treasuries. The investment decisions are strictly forecast-free, hence there are no return expectations included in the investment process. At the beginning of each calendar year the allocation starts with 50% US equities and 50% US treasuries. The allocation is then adjusted in favour of the “better performing” asset classes, thus trend following during the year. The allocation shifts are made on a monthly basis within their width (0 – 100%).

At the end of the calendar year a double rebalancing is executed, hence counter-cyclically reacted. On the one hand the better performing asset class is sold and the inferior asset class is re-bought. On the other hand the US equities are rebalanced to equal weighting. The equity exposure is implemented highly efficient via Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) and derivatives.

Fund name MYRA US Allocation UCITS ETF Inception date tbd
ISIN | WKN tbd | tbd Corporate year 01.01. – 31.12.
Investment company Hauck & Aufhäuser Use of income Accumulation
Investment Gesellschaft S.A. Fund type US Equities
Custodian Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA, Fund currency USD
Niederlassung Luxemburg Management fee tbd
Public distribution planned: LUX, D, AUT Advisor fee tbd
Fund initiator/sub advisor MYRA Capital GmbH Custodian fee tbd.
Distribution Germany MYRA Capital (Deutschland) GmbH Load 0%
as vgV der BN & Partners Capital AG Legal form Sondervermögen (UCITS IV)
Advisor BN & Partners Capital AG

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