Investment Concepts

The asset management industry is changing. Many offered traditional and active strategy and product solutions cannot meet central investor needs and yield no added value after costs. Especially in Europe, the fund landscape is very fragmented, many funds exist without recognizable distinguishing features, and many miss the volume potential due to unattractive pricing and / or lack of strong contents and design. The triumph of passive investments such as ETF’s speaks for itself.

The result? Dissatisfied investors with the companies own product range, too small volumes for many products, fixed costs in the deposit banks and investment companies which especially not keep risk and return promises. Great back-testing and glossy presentations are not enough to survive on the capital market in the medium term. Investor confidence in fund products in particular and in the financial industry in general is declining.

Even the classic asset managers have acceptance difficulties. The lost decade in the stock markets with high drawdown risks and realized losses has resulted in more and more investors turning away disappointed from the traditional private banking services – asset management.

We help you to position your strategy and product range correct! In particular, we offer our advisory services to the following institutional financial services:

• Private-label fund provider with too small volume
• Private Banks and family offices with in-house asset management
• Private Banks with its own range of investment funds

We assist you with the re-launch of mutual funds or asset management companies with no discernible USP or bad track record (‘me-too products’) to again gain competitiveness.