Strategic Asset Allocation

Determining the strategic asset allocation is one of the most important decisions in investment management. The stringent planning, consistent and efficient implementation of the strategic asset allocation linked with a dynamic degree-of-risk control are in our view the key success factors in institutional capital investment.

The steadily growing scientific fields of behavioural economics and behavioural patterns of investors – Behavioural Finance – clearly shows that many investors have not recognized the importance of rule-based and strategic practice in investment activities. By way of example, the own forecast ability is systematically overestimated, the portfolio remains insufficiently diversified and it is used too much time and energy to select securities, or it is given a too high priority to the market timing in the investment process.

We are convinced that the strategic asset allocation and the rule-based approach in the implementation of the strategy are the main determinants of future performance and risk results and therefore are the crucial and focusing questions.

Based on many years of experience MYRA Capital offers its clients both methodically established and successful and field-proven concepts for individually designed strategic asset allocations. As part of our asset allocation advice we implement a multi-asset, multi-strategy and multi-manager strategy. In order to flexibly adapt the portfolio structure to market cycles and to sustainably optimize the investment performance we support the asset allocation of our clients over time.

We offer our services internationally to the following groups of investors :

– Asset management companies
– Insurances
– Foundations
– Pension funds
– Supply works
– Family Offices
– Independent asset managers
– Private Banks and Savings Banks